Intelligence Made Visible: Art & Science Wine Series

Design is intelligence made visible.
— Alina Wheeler

The Fresno State Winery approached my Professional Advertising Design class to create wine labels to help promote the new line of Art & Science Wine. Kevin Smith, the Marketing Supervisor of the Winery wanted the labels to reflect how winemaking is a blend of art and science, as well as feature our Art and Science departments at Fresno State. 

The Labels:

I’ve always been a bit of a nerd. I really went full-out with this project, delving into areas in which science and art meet. My influences with this project were MC Escher’s woodcuts and prints, optical illusions and also the Magic Eye books from my childhood. Each wine had a specific name created for them by the winemaker to reflect a different department on campus. I wanted to take each wine and show the intersection of art and science, while paying homage to the departments.

Pythagorean Serum
This wine was to reflect the Math department on campus and was mean to be a big, bold wine. I chose the ambiguous Necker cube. While this also reflects how the Pythagorean theorem explains right angles, which are featured in the cube, it also reflects how deep and velvety the wine because the Necker cubes offer an ambiguous dimension of space.  

Depth Perception
Depth Perception is a wine to highlight the Art Department, focusing on Photography. I chose to go with the Fibonacci Spiral, also known as the Golden Rule, which for proportions in a lot of works of art. 

Abstract Theory
The idea for Abstract Theory was to reflect any department that deals with abstract principles. I decided to focus on the abstract theory of four-dimensional space. The shape I chose to represent this wine was the Tesseract, or a hypercube. This cube is a projection of four-dimensional space.

Molecular Structure
Molecular Structure is a wine to commemorate the Chemistry/Biology department. I chose to use the molecular structure of ethanol, which is the basis of alcoholic drinks.

I really wanted to take the math and science and create a beautiful and aesthetic print out of each one. I believe science and math is intriguing, fascinating and beautiful in it’s own way and I hoped to show that to the clients and the consumers.